Thank you for bearing with us through this very tough week.  We are aware of the problems the recent outages and server issues have caused and the impact they have had on your businesses.  We have been working around the clock with our service provider to ensure this instability is addressed and does not continue to cause complications that disrupt your business.  

Through your continued dedication and patience during this past weeks disruption, we feel it is only right to give you a deeper explanation as to what happened and what our next steps are to ensure this does not happen again.

Last Monday, some of our customers began to see errors on their websites when trying to load certain modules.  With the assistance of our service provider, we were able to determine that the issue originated with an important file that Facebook removed from their code which was required for the Facebook sharing tools found in our Clarity Software solution supporting your website.  This resulted in disruption of various Clarity modules and content pages.  A fix was deployed via the update process and all modules and pages were successfuly restored on Wednesday, May 10.  This issue impacted numerous Facebook integrated websites across the web and was not unique to our platform.  Along with other vendors we have contacted Facebook and indicated concerns regarding the change process and lack of proper and early notification.

Unfortunately, a secondary unrelated issue was also discovered around the same time which caused customers across all sites on our platform to experience problems with updating modules and content within their webpages. As our team dug into this, we were able to pinpoint the issue as being directly related to a  'new' security ruleset recently applied by our service provider.  This ruleset unfortunately caused a problem for our sites.  We have since had the ruleset disabled, which in turn looks to have restored functionality to our websites.  In order to prevent future disruptions, we have asked our service provider to notify us before implementing new security 'rulesets' to our server.  

In order to support future research, if you experience further issues please contact us with the following information:

Specific Date:

Specific Time:
IP Address: (
Domain Name:
Module Affected:

Our team has been working tirelessly all week to solve these problems and build a stronger, more resilient system that ensures our customers can continue to build their businesses without interuption.  As a gesture of our appreciation for your patience through these challenges, you will be reimbursed for the loss of last week's productivity which will be reflected on your June invoice.  

If you have further questions regarding the server issues, please feel free to direct your questions to

The Operation Teams
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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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