Nov 10th Down Servers and Help desk - Servers Moved to new Provider

Many of our customers have asked the very reasonable questions of "Why was my website down for so long?" and "Why was it so hard to get a response from you?" The short version is that all of our supporting web, database, email, and backoffice servers were impacted by an unannounced transfer of equipment and services with our former service ... Read More »

May 16th UPDATE: Our Current Server Issues

Thank you for bearing with us through this very tough week.  We are aware of the problems the recent outages and server issues have caused and the impact they have had on your businesses.  We have been working around the clock with our service provider to ensure this instability is addressed and does not continue to cause complications that ... Read More »

Mar 1st Improving Service and Security

Some big lessons learned last year have gone into the changes that many of our customers are already seeing.  Most important were responsiveness on service requests and problems with email flagged as spam.  In the 3rd quarter of 2016 we promised an update to servers and security which has mostly been completed along with our overhaul of our help ... Read More »

Feb 15th Contact Updates Required - The Chamber Team / Need the Cloud

The Chamber Team and Need the Cloud have some really EXCITING NEWS! We need to make sure that your Website won't be affected! As a customer you will appreciate the significant improvements we've made, with our new solutions. New Service and Support Industry Leading Security New Designs and Templates Improved Tablet, Phone, and Web ... Read More »

Feb 1st Welcome to Our Service Portal!

Welcome to our new and improved support center!  The mission of this initiative is to improve the quality of service we provide and to offer a central information hub where customers can access our support center and knowledgebase of training resources.  We are always looking for feedback, so please take the time to reach out and tell us how ... Read More »